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Ellen G. White® Estate

Do you want to learn more about who Ellen G. White was? About her life, writings, and resources? You can go directly to the Ellen G. White Estate®'s website for a whole host of resources and links!




EGW Writings

Ellen G. White's writings including books, devotionals, periodicals, and others are available in 133 languages in a user-friendly platform on! If you're searching keywords or just wanting to read from your desktop, this is the ultimate tool! An app is available for devices. 





The Biblical Greek Video Course includes 25 video lessons with 470 exercises that will teach you the fundamentals of Biblical Greek so you can be able to read and translate the Greek New Testament. Isn’t that exciting? To be able to read God’s word in its original Koine Greek language, the common language used at that time. All the lessons are build logically and taught in a beginner-friendly way. You can check out a sample video lesson and get 15% off with code PENOFINSPIRATION at





Journey Through The Bible is a Bible trivia resource with 1189 questions: one fun, Scriptural question for every single chapter in the Bible. This quiz book is great for new Bible students and Bible gurus alike as It helps you remember what you read or test your knowledge. Gone are the days of forgetting what you read a few hours ago. Answering a trivia question encourages you to concentrate, re-study passages, and recall the Words of life. Available on and